Tropical Botany

Helicones, bromeliads, croton, monstera, various dracenas, orchids, dahlias, seeds and much more, phew! the abundance of varieties gives wings to the imagination and to the creation of arrangements with exuberance of color and forms. I selected two events designed by the decorator Fabiana Moura to illustrate different color palettes, but addressing similar themes, arrangements that refer to the rain forest and Brazil. The first is a 17-year-old birthday party that took place during Russia´s World Cup, the other event was destined to a meeting of a hotel chain. One of the interesting aspects of each party is how to translate a proposal or theme through the choices of flowers and colors, and the use (or not) of exotic or different elements, or as I like to call "farafanes". However beautiful and interesting they may be, they sometimes become over or distant from the proposal, in other occasions reconfiguring a flower by reducing the number of petals or dyeing it with some tonality helps in the composition of arrangements that are in harmony with the rest of the decoration. To work with flowers is like playing with nature´s beautiful creations.

Birthday party:

Decor e fotos @fabianamourapp

Doces @sweetcarolinatheartofcake

Acervo @feteslocadora

Painel @criarh

Flores @marianamenezes_designfloral

Event at the Casa Brasileira Museum

Decor e fotos @fabianamourapp

Parte do acervo @feteslocadora

Flowers @marianamenezes_designfloral

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