Frida Forever

It is as difficult to choose a favorite party theme as a favorite flower among so many nature's beautiful creations, but in this pantheon there is a very, very special place for this party's inspiring muse, Frida Kahlo. Friducha is not unanimous, but is the subject of passion and interest for many, either by the whole of her work, or by the history of suffering and overcoming that makes her too human and close to us mortals. Her works print purses, notebooks, clothes and a multitude of products that seek to exalt a figure that is not at all conventional. I have been on the fan list for a long time, but now with slightly different shades, as she, along with my muse, beloved and diva Georgia O'Keeffe are objects of my study for the doctorate thesis. For the next 4 years I will be accompanied by two artists who set a very high standard in the search for identity, experienced in many aspects of their existence. You cannot imagine my happiness at the invitation of @dianamoreirafestas to participate in this project. With exclusive illustrations for Chloe's birthday by @ju_amei, @tammymontagna's sweets and gorgeous cake, and sensational photos from @aurorafotoefilme we have a little tribute to a figure who broke barriers and taboos. Viva la Vida e Viva la Frida!!!!!!! PS. Now I´m just awaiting for an invitation for a party inspired by O´Keeffe's desert and super rich scenery for happiness to be complete.

Decor @dianamoreirafestas

Flowers @marianamenezes_designfloral

Cake and sweets @tammymontagna

Photos @aurorafotoefilme

Illustrations @ju_­amei

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