White and Lilac Christening

Celebrating the arrival of a new family member is always a special moment. With him (or her) a universe of memories and experiences that will be entirely unique unfolds. The choice of the baptism ceremony, is an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends a religious and extra-everyday experience, regardless of whether the ceremony is Catholic, Buddhist, Sufi or Taoist. Connecting with the essence of faith and spiritual experience elevates our days, reduces challenges and offers a sense of purpose. In this beautiful ceremony decorated by Fabiana Moura, the white color was punctuated with touches of lilac from two flowers chosen by the baby´s mother, tulips and lavender. The delicacy and the aroma (for now we can't appreciate it via photos) gave the arrangements a very special touch. This partnership between the choices and preferences of the client and the decorator with the florist transform the act of producing arrangements into a collective action, they are conductors who provide the guiding thread for the execution of the arrangements. In particular, I fell in love with the garland in the center of the table, the spherical arrangements remind me of the idea of ​​completeness, that everything starts and eventually comes to an end, even if in an unexpected way or, often, completely different from how we imagine it. But this impermanence is our faithful companion in life, isn't it ?!

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