Branca de Neve on the land of Maria Bonita and Lampião

Imagine if, instead of the temperate forests of Europe, Snow White had been born in the Brazilian midwestern land called Sertão? This was Farfallarte's very different proposal for the 2018 edition of ExpoMiniMe. Cacti, macrame, string and woodcuts amidst apples and flowers, have reinvented the origins of Snow White creating an unusual scenario. I just LOVED the panel composed by cordel literature, translating into verses this love story. With the ever-accelerating change in the party market and innovative ideas that swarm among decorators, I'm super happy to be able to take part in those projects and feel that butterflies in my belly that comes with each new challenge. The photos seek to illustrate the richness of details such as honey cakes in the format of a cordel and the cake recreating the image of Snow White in xylograph, among many others. 



Decor e photos @farfallarte
Cake and sweets @deboraabreu.cakes
Hanger de macramê @hang_in_there_store_br
Vases and decor objects @feteslocadora
Flowers @marianamenezes_designfloral
Xylograph @donaxilo
Ballons @manginelli.baloes
Cordel literature Angela Mundim


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Mariana Menezes Design Floral &  Ufa!Design