Bohemian Style

Persian rug and an abundance of foliage in terracotta vases marks the way to the ceremony, culminating in a green wall of ferns, while in the background the main table stood out for its profusion of colors and exotic forms. The bohemian style has a growing number of fans, with a nonchalantly fashionable air, evokes winter or European or North American temperate forests, a kind of woodland for adults, where there is a predominance of feathers and dry/earthy elements. Another evocative scenario for boho style lovers are the deserts, with a dryness filled not only by exotic elements but also by the darling of them all, succulents and cacti. The bohemian goes beyond the boundaries of decor, becoming a kind of statement and lifestyle for those who escape other possibilities such as urban jungle, shabby chic or tropical style. Go bohemian! 



Decor and photos Fabiana Moura

Flowers Mariana Menezes

Venue: Restaurante Cantaloup



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Desenvolvido por
Mariana Menezes Design Floral &  Ufa!Design