Pre-historical Dinosaurs (Dino invasion part 2)

When you have a son so in love with dinosaur is like this, birthdays come and go and the theme gains different contours but in essence stays the same. At the age of 6 he chose dinosaurs that walked the face of the Earth and now at 7, the option fell on the prehistoric sea monsters. Oh my! Another challenge for Dani Vinas, not only a friend but a major party planner. The venue of the party was also chosen by Miguel as if it were the most obvious response of the planet, "At the aquarium, of course." And so, we found out that the Aquarium presents a great space and structure intended for parties. Since the first contact we were very well received and on the day of the party all guests are hosted by monitors destined to take them by an exclusive tour finishing at the mermaids´ tank. It was sensational! To recreate the dark depths of the sea we used black cloth and transparent balloons, the arrangements sought to portray exotic corals and foliage. Highlights include the incredible Dolce Favola chocolate cake decorated with a mosasaur swallowing a shark (scene similar to Jurassic World), cupcakes with shark fins and plesiosaurs, as well as divine honey breads decorated with corals. Tammy Montagna's lollipops reproduced superbly the fossil from the Jurassic Park movie from which the DNA of the dinosaurs was extracted. I do not know who liked the most, whether it was my son or myself with the final result. Dani: you rock, thank you so much!!! PS. Next year he told me the theme will be flying dinosaurs. Let´s see where he will take us this time!

Decor @danivinas

Flowers @marianamenezes_designfloral

Vases and decor items @fetes_locadora

Cake, cupcakes e honey breads @dolcefavola

Loliipos and donuts @tammymontagna

Photography @betesozzafotografia

Location: Aquarium of São Paulo

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