Pandas: an exciting project

When the decorator Fabiana Moura called and told me the newest project briefing my first reaction was, I loved the theme! (There's no way not to love pandas, right?) However, when I thought of the flowers I was soon concerned with the challenge of translating feminine and childish arrangements, while at the same time referring to the Eastern cultural background. The seeds and the exotic foilage (which I do not know the name, but that make all the difference) accompanied by the ornitogalo flower, cherry blossoms, perpetual and pink turmeric branches besides the eucalyptus were super harmonious offering an ethereal approach and with a slight touch of Ikebana. The sweets from Sweet Carolina the Art of Cake were a show apart, especially the panda shaped cakepops fixated on hashis, cookies ornamented with cherry blossoms and gorgeous cupcakes of Japanese girls wearing kimonos. Lots of creativity and good taste gathered in one project!

Fabiana Moura @fabianamourapp

Photos: Fabiana Moura @fabianamourapp

Flowers: Mariana Menezes @marianamenezes_designfloral

Vases and decor items: Locadora Fétes @fetes_locadora

Sweets: Sweet Carolina the Art of Cake @sweetcarolinatheartofcake

Panel: Jo Françoso @criarhh

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Mariana Menezes Design Floral &  Ufa!Design