Musical Fable Inspired this Unusual Birthday Party

The musical fable of Sergio Bardotti and Luiz Enrique Bacalov, inspired by the short story "The Musicians of Bremen" by the Grimm brothers, was adapted into Portuguese by Chico Buarque in 1977. The story recounts the adventures of a chicken, a dog, a cat and adonkey that choose to flee from the exploitation of their owners and will try to live in the city as musicians. This rather unusual scenario served as inspiration for this birthday party conceived by Fabiana Moura. The result is a gorgeous set of paper mache animals. Highlight for the sweets and honey-bread in format of musical instruments alongside the cake ornamented with physalis, a total work of art of Sweet Carolina the Art of Cake. In relation to the flowers the challenge was to create arrangements composed essentially of dried flowers besides the abundant use of wheat. The panel of Jo Françoos from CrearHH generated a super effect with its bluish tones, simulating the path traveled by the animals. Very much in love with this party!

Fabiana Moura @fabianamourapp

Photos: Fabiana Moura @fabianamourapp

Flowers: Mariana Menezes @marianamenezes_designfloral

Vases and decor items: Locadora Fétes @fetes_locadora

Sweets: Sweet Carolina @sweetcarolinatheartofcake

Panel: Jo Françoso @criarhh

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Desenvolvido por
Mariana Menezes Design Floral &  Ufa!Design