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Restaurants, parks and gardens have gained a special place in the heart of weddings and mini-weddings. Regardless of the style, shabby chic, modern, vintage or classic, mini-wedding stimulates the decorators' inspiration to create distinctive settings that reflect the wishes of the bride and groom to celebrate such a unique moment in the couple's life. The mini-wedding that illustrates this post took place at Cantaloup Restaurant (São Paulo), with an extremely beautiful décor by Fabiana Moura. The communal table (love it!) with the sequence of ultra-colored floral arrangements, allied to the blue glasses and the lavender detail on the napkins was a real charm. The cake table is a real blast of color, with fuchsia and yellow orchids, whose colors are even more vivid in contrast to the pots and copper-tone bases. A real treat for the eyes!

Decor and photos Fabiana Moura

Sweets and cakepops Sweet Carolina the Art of Cake

Vases Fetes Locadora

Flowers Mariana Menezes

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