Woodland Birthday Party

During my childhood I don´t remember seeing children's birthday themes as diverse as the ones of today. In general the party did not have a specific decoration (like mine, always shared with my brother because of the proximity of the dates) or centered on Disney classic movies. But if I had pirlimpimpim powder and could return to celebrate a single anniversary the theme would definitely be Woodland. I love the mixture of the forest scenery, with Native American Indians, exotic flowers and an autumnal atmosphere with feathers and colors such as beige, light pink, off-white and touches of brown. The birthday that illustrates this post took my breath away. As soon as I arrived to deliver the flowers I was consumed by the desire to take pictures of all angles and details for I was afraid that I would not be able to retain such richness of subtleties, forms and beauty. Not to mention Tammy Montagna's sweets that are breathtaking. Special emphasis on the backdrop alongside the stationery spread around the table, LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT !!!

Decor Dani Vinas @danivinas

Flowers: Mariana Menezes @marianamenezes_designfloral

Vases and decor items: Locadora Fétes @fetes_locadora

Cake and sweets: Tammy Montagna @tammymontagna

Photos (partially): Daniele Cestone @danielecestonefotografia

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