Teen birthday with style

This birthday brought together a combination that I find simply incredible, yellow flowers and silver colored succulents, with a profusion of beautiful and diversified vases, giving the main table a lot of movement and different heights. The tables that do not present specific themes are challenging since they imply in a harmonic combination of sweets and flowers without the use of personages. The result of Chiara's birthday, with Fabiana Moura's decor, was simply beautiful! I just love this party!

Fabiana Moura @fabianamourapp

Photos: Fabiana Moura @fabianamourapp

Flowers: Mariana Menezes @marianamenezes_designfloral

Vases and decor items: Locadora Fétes @fetes_locadora

Sweets: Sweet Carolina @sweetcarolinatheartofcake

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Desenvolvido por
Mariana Menezes Design Floral &  Ufa!Design