Enchanted Garden

Gardens are always a sensation as a theme for children's birthday parties. It can be enchanted, filled with butterflies, birds or fairies. Amidst all possibilities, it seems like a blank canvas, with infinite possibilities to decorate outdoor or indoor spaces. The garden that illustrates this post invades my soul with so much beauty. To start I could work with the color lilac (one of my top five favorites) combined with pink, purple and a light touch of white and yellow. The garden at Maison Kids seems cut in an English children's book, with tall trees, lawn and the feeling of being in an enchanted forest. The decor of Dani Vinas was simply breathtaking, with fairies, succulents and butterflies that turned the table into a dreamlike setting.With regard to flowers, I draw attention to the pending arrangement in front of the cake, an explosion of flower varieties such as aster, bachelor button, roses and the gorgeous lilac water lily. I hope you will enjoy it!!

Decor @danivinas

Flowers @marianamenezes_designfloral

Vases and accessories @fetes_locadora

Sweets @sweetcarolinatheartofcake

Photography @danielecestonefotografia

Location: Espaço Maison Kids @maison_kids

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