Baby Shower for Boys

Pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of the baby is increasingly becoming a moment of sophisticated celebrations, at least in Brazil. Flowers, decorated cakes, sweets that look more like a work of art creates scenarios that reveal not only the sex of the child but also the preferred style of each mother and their personal readings of motherhood and thoughts and desires concerning the baby.

For this post I chose a beautiful baby shower designed by the wonderful Priscila Pandolfo with the theme little lambs. Flower arrangements include the use of succulents, scabiosa, eucalyptus, cotton and blue blue hydrangea, among others. I am completely in love with the results of this work.

Decor: @p_pandolfo

Vases and accessories: @fetes_locadora

Cake and sweets: @dolcefavola

Photography: @danielecestonefotografia

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Desenvolvido por
Mariana Menezes Design Floral &  Ufa!Design