Succulent Fever

The universe of design was invaded by succulents. Beautiful , versatile, colorful and easy to care for , it is difficult to identify a reason not to have them on all sides. With the advent and spread of Instagram and Pinterest, ideas for use of succulents (and everything else you can imagine) are virtually endless (see images taken from Pinterest). I´ve tested a number of suggestions, some more successfully, while others resulted in redundant failure.

Attempt 1: Reuse of cups and other recipients, distribution of clay pots of different sizes on a sideboard at the entrance of the house, cottage cheese cups on the window or next to the entrance door, in short, all of these options demonstrated 100 % of success.

Attempt 2: Garland. As shown in almost all pictures, I used circular floral foam surrounded by chicken wire and filled with dry moss. Succulents were interwoven one by one, with different shapes and colors. The garland remained beautiful and uniform for a short time, with significant number of flowers that did not fixate on the structure. The main reason may have been inability nonetheless it is not a DYI so simple to run.

Attempt 3: Succulent Ball: The mounting principle is similar to Attempt 2 exposed above. The results were also similar, but the main difference was that the duration was more extensive. I could enjoy my pending green acorn for a few months until it began to lose many seedlings and maintenance became costly and constant.

Attempt 4: Succulent Frame: There were many versions in different sizes, small, large and extra-large. A very important aspect was the use of small seedlings (despite generating moments of impatience until they start to grow), however, it facilitated the establishment of the seedlings and homogeneous appearance of the frame. If the frame is hanging and exposed outdoors it is important to avoid excess of rain. In my first attempt I was so eager to hang it that I did not think these details through. When I decided to put it elsewhere there was a small pool of mud inside the frame. As it was made ​​of resin, the frame has withstood the excess water, but timber can suffer much.

Attempt 5: Succulent Couture. With so much online inspiration I used succulents in garments as shoes, bags, hats and blouse. Total success. They are beautiful, easy to attach with hot glue and can be used without fear of falling in the middle of the room (or amid a highline in the Moab desert). Durability is also a plus, the garment can last up to a week, as long as it has no other mixed perishables.

Succulents receive a 9.9 grade just because nothing is perfect, but they are almost there.


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