Lilac is the New Black

Just as succulents can be used for numerous purposes, lavender divides the rank of "a thousand and one uses" of the floral universe. Lavender is used in gardens, cosmetics, cuisine and decor (dry or natural). Lavender comes from the family Lavandula genus plants and the most common species used in ornamentation are the Lavandula angustifolia and the English lavender. Lavenders are found in the Canary Islands in the North and West Africa, southern Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as India and Arabia. In Brazil, lavender is very common in gardens in places with hot climates and abundant sunshine. For those interested in entering the fragrant and versatile universe of this flower (which above all is purple, my favorite color) can visit the lavender route in France: Vercors - Diois, Drôme Provençale - Haut -Vaucluse, Ventoux - Luberon, Luberon - Lure, Préalpes Provençales, Haute Provence - Verdon, and completing the trip in the Musée de la Lavande.

Lavender is gradually gaining ground in birthday parties and weddings decoration, however, I had few opportunities to explore the use of this "purple gold". As cotton branches, absolutely gorgeous and so common at parties in the United States, here it is still viewed with some disdain. Who knows with Pinterest influence, upcoming events will be washed down with white pompoms and purple stems!

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