Ladybugs, bees and dragonflies, flowers, moss and mushrooms, elements that cannot miss in a garden. The birthday party designed by Larissa from Poa Festas Craft was absolutely enchanting, with a vintage atmosphere, and a picnic air in the 50's or out of a fairy tale story, floral composition included well diversified elements such as the beautiful and exotic carnivorous plants. Pictures to die for.

Decor @poafestascraft

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For women like me who have already embarked on their thirties (well, actually I'm almost saying fareweell to my Balzac years) I cannot get enough of watching the movie starring the cute couple Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in which a girl who wants to be an adult dawns at age 30, looking gorgeous, living in a super apartment and with a glamorous job. Well, who doesn´t, right? No doubt, turning 30 is an important milestone and it should be cele...

At home I am constantly accompanied by dinosaurs, Dragon Ball Super, reptiles, minecraft and many other characters that are part of my son's favorite toys. Until another intriguing proposal came from the decorator Fabiana Moura to create simultaneously the scenarios of Maleficent and Aurora. I was completely in love with Maleficent and I burst into tears when her wings are cut off, Angelina Jolie's cry in the forest as she realizes she was betray...

Mermaids are always present in the collective imagination. These mystical beings half human and half fish haunt the sailors with their seductive song or fill childish fantasies with the adventures of Ariel and Peter Pan´s friends, also inhabitants of Neverland. For this particular party, the challenge was not only to create arrangements that illustrated the scenery of corals and seabed, but also had very soft colors. The result of this décor by F...

One of the greatest qualities of Dani Vinas is the ability to reinvent herself while creating scenarios with similar party themes. Each event offers unique features, innovative ideas and a lot of color!!!! That is, a myriad of possibilities for floral décor. Luna´s picnic was originally designed for the outdoor area but it was transferred indoor at the possibility of rain. The result was simply amazing. I am in love with this décor, the diversity...

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