Imagine if, instead of the temperate forests of Europe, Snow White had been born in the Brazilian midwestern land called Sertão? This was Farfallarte's very different proposal for the 2018 edition of ExpoMiniMe. Cacti, macrame, string and woodcuts amidst apples and flowers, have reinvented the origins of Snow White creating an unusual scenario. I just LOVED the panel composed by cordel literature, translating into verses this love story. With the...

The petite Russian girl is a tremendous hit, with its jeering and affectionate ways she creates a series of unusual situations The country setting, full of bright colors and the constant presence of the sunflower (which I absolutely love) allows to create rich compositions with flowers that takes us to beautiful prairies and sunny days. The arrangements made for the party that illustrates this post, with impeccable decor by Fabiana Moura, I opted...

The musical fable of Sergio Bardotti and Luiz Enrique Bacalov, inspired by the short story "The Musicians of Bremen" by the Grimm brothers, was adapted into Portuguese by Chico Buarque in 1977. The story recounts the adventures of a chicken, a dog, a cat and adonkey that choose to flee from the exploitation of their owners and will try to live in the city as musicians. This rather unusual scenario served as inspiration for this birthday party con...

During my childhood I don´t remember seeing children's birthday themes as diverse as the ones of today. In general the party did not have a specific decoration (like mine, always shared with my brother because of the proximity of the dates) or centered on Disney classic movies. But if I had pirlimpimpim powder and could return to celebrate a single anniversary the theme would definitely be Woodland. I love the mixture of the forest scenery, with...

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